The Like List, March 2019 + a Giveaway!

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I wanted to start incorporating monthly favorites into the blog more consistently, but rather than just being tangible items, I thought I would also include things going on in my life. You can look as this as sort of a favorites/life updates combination. Hope you enjoy!

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Watching: Captain Marvel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I’ve been a fan of the Marvel franchise for quite a while. I’ll admit I wasn’t that into it at first (I’ve never been a comic book reader) but I think the movies have done a great job of sharing the characters and telling their stories.

Like a lot of girls, I was super excited for a stand alone female superhero movie (though shouldn’t Black Widow have come first? Girl has been paying her dues). I had heard some mixed reviews which always makes me a little nervous, but I tried to go in with an open mind. Guys, I really loved it. I think Brie Larson is the perfect person to play Carol Danvers and, without spoiling anything, that girl is powerful!

My friend and I have slowly been going through The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon and after we saw Captain Marvel ended up watching about five episodes of this show. If you’ve never checked it out you really should! It’s hilarious and again about a girl joining a boys club. I loved the episodes in season two where everyone was in the Catskills, so many funny moments! Plus if you’re into vintage fashion you’ll love all of Midge’s outfits. If you don’t have Prime you can get a month for free and binge the series!


Listening: My Favorite Murder

Guys I’m obsessed. I know this is nothing new because this podcast is huge, but over the past couple of months it’s become my go-to to listen to in the car.

If you’re unfamiliar, My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy podcast. That probably sounds like it shouldn’t go together but as the hosts Karen and Georgia say, they run parallel, so they’re not joking about victims or anything like that, more just telling funny anecdotes from their lives.

I’ve always loved comedy but didn’t really get into true crime stuff until Making a Murderer. If you haven’t checked out My Favorite Murder yet, again you should.


Wanting: Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 and Colourpop makeup

I started watching Santa Clarita Diet pretty much as soon as it debuted on Netflix and I’m so excited for season three. I have always really liked Drew Barrymore and I think the show is super funny and well written, though warning, it can be a bit gory.

In preparation for season 3 I started rewatching the first two seasons. I pretty much binged both seasons the weekend they came out, so I definitely need a reminder of what’s up for season three.

I did a whole post in December about trying out some Colourpop items. I love the quality of the makeup and the price can’t be beat. I’ve got my eye on some of their colorful eyeshadows plus they just released a Disney Villains collection (!!!). What more do I need?


Loving: The more spring like weather lately

It is officially spring and St. Louis is (mostly) cooperating. The gloomy weather seems to be behind us and I’m loving seeing the sun more. I can’t wait for the warm weather on the horizon.


Wearing: Spring colors and patterns and my Jord watch

I think spring may be my favorite season fashion wise. I love pastels, floral, gingham, basically anything you would associate with spring. I’ve been loving incorporating these things into even more casual spring outfits, like the one I’m wearing here.


The Like List- sharing all the things I've been loving in March including spring patterns and my Jord watch.

The Like List- sharing all the things I've been loving in March including spring patterns and my Jord watch.

Top, White Jeans, BagWatch


And here’s the giveaway! I’ve partnered up with Jord watches to bring you a chance to win $100 toward your own watch! All you have to do is enter here and even if you don’t win, you’ll still get a coupon for 10% off!


What have you been loving this month? Do we have any similar faves? Let me know!


The Like List- things I loved in March. Favorite shows, clothing items, and everything spring!

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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  1. 3.25.19
    Crysta said:

    I am loving this spring weather, too! I know that it will probably get cold again before it really stays warm, but I don’t care, and I am pushing the lighter spring clothing, like capris and sweaters instead of my wool pea coat. I really liked Captain Marvel, too, but I don’t think I have heard of Mrs. Maisel. I will try to check it out.

    • 3.25.19
      Emily said:

      Yeah I definitely get to the point where I just don’t want to deal with winter anymore so I go with spring clothes. Lol. Mrs. Maisel is really funny, definitely worth checking out!

  2. 3.25.19
    page said:

    i thought of you when i heard colourpop released a disney collection! loved that you included pieces of your life in this and not just items 🙂 x

    • 3.26.19
      Emily said:


      • 4.10.19

        Me and my husband also love Santa Clarita Diet, we binged the whole third season once it hit Netflix!
        As for the spring like weather, where I live (bc Canada) it’s been so beautiful out, with some days being a bit rainy, I love it. Spring definitely is my favourite season

        • 4.10.19
          Emily said:

          The weather has been so great this year! And I’m terrible because I haven’t actually watched Santa Clarita season 3 yet. Lol. I got distracted by another show which I know will be part of my April favorites. Maybe I’ll get to binge watch it this weekend!

  3. 4.1.19
    Rebecca said:

    I’m loving the spring weather too! Makes me so much happier. Loving the pics!

    • 4.2.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you! The nice weather definitely does wonders for my mood 🙂