The Best Items I Purchased in 2023

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With the start of the new year, I noticed many content creators on various platforms sharing their best purchases or favorites from 2023. I’ve been so interested in these posts that I decided to create my own!

I will say this list isn’t exhaustive. It’s a list of what I now in 2024 remember as being my favorite purchases of the year. This year I’ll do a better job of keeping track throughout 2024 to have an even better list for you next year!

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The Best Items I Purchased in 2023

The best purchases I made in 2023, including skincare, shoes, and a great coffee table book.

Charm School

As much as I love my coffee table books collection, if I could only keep one I think it would be Charm School. It is a complete primer on Traditional Design, breaking down elements that make up the style. If you consider yourself a grandmillennial, this book needs to be part of your collection. 


I guess I entered my skater phase 20 years later than most, but I have been loving Vans. I bought two pairs this year, and they are absolutely my most worn casual shoes. I love how easy they are to slip on and they are comfortable for running errands. I also love that they have such a wide color range now including this pastel blue pair that I own!

Versed Cleanser

I’ve tried many a gentle cleanser, and this one has won out as my favorite. It’s not drying, isn’t heavily fragranced, and does a great job as a second cleanse after my favorite cleansing balm. Find at Target and on Versed.

Tower 28 Moisturizer

Another skincare product I have really enjoyed is the Tower 28 SOS Daily Skin Barrier Redness Recovery Moisturizer. I don’t tend to think of my skin as being sensitive, but I do think using gentle products is good for anyone’s skin. I think this is a great basic moisturizer which I’ve particularly enjoyed using when the weather has gotten extremely cold. 

LL Bean Boat and Tote

The LL Bean Boat and Tote bag is as classic as they come, and I have found, a great work bag. I started a new job in 2023 and wanted an official work bag as I need to bring my laptop home from time to time. For this bag I went with the medium size with the longer straps. My work laptop is small, but it fits with plenty of room to spare. I opted to forgo the ironic Boat and Tote trend, and stay classic with just my name embroidered on the bag. 

MOB Beauty Blush

As much as cream blush has become popular over the last several years, and as much as I try to get into it, I always return to powder blushes. I was on the lookout for a good, long lasting powder blush, and I found it with MOB Beauty (I have the shade M15). MOB Beauty is a brand that I think is doing really cool things in terms of sustainability. Their products come in either refillable packaging (for an extra cost) or compostable packaging. I went with the compostable and it feels sturdy enough to last as long as I have the blush. 

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