Sofa Styling 3 Ways

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One thing I’ve been wanting to bring to the blog was a way of sharing various interior styling ideas. Seeing as I don’t have endless rooms (or funds), I thought a way to do this was to take a common piece of furniture or decor a style it a few different ways. For this first go, we’ll be looking at sofa styling with a simple, and budget friendly, cream sofa.

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The sofa

The sofa I have chosen for this exercise is a basic cream colored sofa with wooden legs (it also comes in navy and gray). Keeping larger furniture pieces more neutral can really work as a blank canvas for letting fun accessories shine.

To style this sofa I have chosen three design styles: grandmillennial, modern/contemporary, and eclectic.


Sofa styling in grandmillenial style with feminine, pastel decor

I couldn’t resist letting one of the sofa styling ideas be grandmillennial style. For this example, I went very feminine in the design. Having a pink, yet still neutral feeling rug, anchors the room and plays well with the accessories. A fun gold side table, or two, adds some glamour while still being functional. Ginger jar lamps and a pretty coffee table book add in more color to the room. As for pillows, you can’t go wrong with a quirky needlepoint and florals.


Taking a basic sofa and using neutral decor items like lamps, a rug, and pillows to style the space in a modern contemporary way.

A lot of people love neutral rooms, but to keep the look interesting I think it’s important to add a variety of pattern (You’ll notice I didn’t call this minimalist). Start the look with a jute rug with an interesting pattern. A coffee table with a unique shape sets the stage for the room’s accessories. Accessories include a black and white hurricane vase that adds a look of texture, a modern coffee table book, and an angular lamp. A bolster pillow with tiger print completes the sofa.


Sofa styling in eclectic, British whimsical style.

While I’m calling this eclectic, I do think it incorporates some British whimsy a la Matilda Goad. The sofa is dressed up with throw pillows in contrasting floral and striped prints that both include a golden yellow hue. A pedestal table in a fun shape and color works as a lovely sofa side table. Add in accents of a striped picture frame, wavy vase, and the perfect coffee table book for this style. Finish out the space with a dark blue rug that will play like a neutral with all of the other color.

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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