Serena and Lily: Is it worth it?

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Serena and Lily is a coastal inspired furniture and decor brand based out of California. It is more expensive than a lot of comparable brands, but I do think it’s worth it. Here is why, plus some favorites from the brand, and how to style Serena and Lily pieces even if your style isn’t coastal.

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Serena and Lily: Is it worth it?

Serena and Lily is a more expensive furniture and home decor brand, so why shop there instead of somewhere else?


The brand makes pieces built to last, and unfortunately even though this used to be the standard, now comes with a more premium price tag. That being said, Serena and Lily does do sales throughout the year, which is always a great time to shop. 

The brand also aims to be more sustainable by using more eco friendly materials and working to eliminate excess waste. 

Because of the high quality and fact that items will last longer, I do think it is worth it to invest, as long as you plan to keep the pieces for a long time.

How style Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily is mainly thought of as coastal decor, however if you love timeless pieces I think they can work with a variety of styles. I’ve taken some of the brands most popular pieces and styled them in a more eclectic way to show they can work in different ways.

Entryway bench

Styling the Serena and Lily shore bench with a colorful gallery wall for an entryway.

Shore Bench | Kingsbury Rug | Kemp Pillow Cover | Gold Switch Plate Cover | Beach Print | Tiger Print | Maybe This is How it Starts Print

Here I have taken the Serena and Lily Shore Bench and Kingsbury rug and styled them with a small, colorful gallery wall to give a fun, modern, coastal look for a entry space.

Transitional Bedroom

Styling a Serena and Lily bed and bedding in a neutral transitional style bedroom.

Balboa Bed | Scalloped Sateen Duvet | Nightstand | Lamp | Rug

This example shows how Serena and Lily pieces can be incorporated in a modern-traditional/transitional home decor style. The color palette remains neutral with the rattan bed and black accents and a bit of color and whimsy is found in the rug.

Reading Nook

Larkspur Floor Lamp | Avondale Martini Table | Chair | Art Print | Throw Pillow | Rug

Here a scalloped floor lamp from Serena and Lily along with a side table from the brand is paired with a colorful chair, rug, and art piece for an eclectic space to curl up with a good book.

More Serena and Lily Favorites

Here are a few more pieces from Serena and Lily that would look lovely with a lot of different home styles.

A collection of favorite pieces from Serena and Lily.

Click the pictures to shop pieces

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