How to wear pastels during fall and winter

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When you think of fall fashion your mind probably goes toward jewel tones and moodier colors. While I enjoy experimenting with these shades, I always come back to pastels no matter what the season. They’re just my go-to favorites. 

A lot of people probably think that it would be hard to make pastels work for fall and winter, but it’s really not! Keep reading for my tips to make pastels work for the colder seasons. 

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Pastel Fall Outfit

Fall outfit with pink cardigan white top and green jeans

Pastel Fall Outfit

Outfit Details: Cardigan | White Blouse | Green Jeans | Bag | Shoes (find a discount code here!)

Pay attention to texture

Certain textures are just naturally going to give off more fall/winter vibes than others. Think chunky knits, tweed, faux fur/leather, and sweatshirt material. 

This is a really good way to bring some of your spring/summer favorites into fall. For instance, I’m planning on bringing pastel midi skirts into fall by pairing them with either a sweater or sweatshirt and ankle boots or sneakers! 

Layer it up

Layers also lend to fall and winter fashion more because it makes sense to layer when it’s cold out! I know, revolutionary. Pair a great jacket with a pastel outfit! Add tights under a pastel dress! There are so many options when it comes to layering. 


Accessories can add a lot of interest to an outfit, especially if you keep a capsule wardrobe. Hats, scarves, tights, they’re all perfect to make your outfit seem more fall. Opt for a colder weather option like a beret over a woven hat, or a knit scarf over silk. 

Keep it all light

With this outfit I paired a pastel cardigan with lighter green jeans. I think this makes the outfit look more intentional, rather than I just threw on the first top I found. 

This can also be a way to incorporate “winter white”, or you know, your white jeans from summer.  

Or ground the look in black

I think the term “grounding with black” is more of an interior design thing, but it totally works for fashion too. Adding black to your look will make it a bit more edgy, especially when pastels can be sugary sweet. Some of my favorite color combos are black with blush pink or black and lavender. 

Add in fall patterns

Using patterns people associate more with fall and winter is a great way to bring in pastels. Adding in plaid or animal print (which I think works year round but adds some coziness to fall outfits) works so well to make the look more seasonal. 


Shop the Look

I’ve rounded up several pastel options to work into your fall wardrobe!


I hope this helps you find a way to bring your pastel clothing into fall and winter! 


winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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  1. 10.23.19

    I won’t have any trouble grounding in black since that’s the main color I wear lol. I should branch out and try some pastels sometime, thanks for the inspiration!

    • 10.23.19
      Emily said:

      You’re welcome! I’m either in all colorful stuff or all black everything so I get it!

  2. 10.23.19
    Carolyn said:

    LOVE IT! I’m a big fan of pastels and fall fashion, and I’m glad I can wear my pinks and mints into November. And I will definitely be buying those leopard print mules. 🙂

  3. 10.23.19
    paige said:

    LOVE your outfit and headband! this is a great post, pastels look so pretty year round and you wear them so well! x

    • 10.27.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you so much!