On Starting Over

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If you’ve followed along with my Instagram for a while you may know this is not my first attempt at blogging. Its not even my second. But I’m going into it this time with a clearer vision and a more structured plan than before. 

When I first started my last blog, the thing I found the easiest to write about was my crafting. I’m a scrapbooker and having a blog “portfolio” of sorts is helpful if you want to work with scrapbooking brands. But I also wanted to write about style, travel, Walt Disney World, and life. It all felt a bit jumbled. So here I am almost a year later starting over, and that’s okay. I wanted my blog to be something helpful to others and not a mess to have to wade through, so here we are.

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. There’s something refreshing about a clean slate that you can make your own. Think of it like starting a new job, moving to a new place, or the beginning of a new year; the possibilities feel endless.

Starting over can really be a great thing for a person, but a lot of times it gets a bad rap. Here’s something to keep in mind when you’re starting over. You’re not a failure. Just because something didn’t work for you the first time, or even the 50th, doesn’t mean you failed. There’s always the story of how Thomas Edison tried 1000 times before the light bulb was invented. If he didn’t keep persisting we might all be still sitting around in the dark (I know it’s been said that Edison might have stolen someone else’s work for the light bulb, but still the point is most things need more than one try). Just keep trying! When the time is right it will all work out.

If you’re like me and starting something new, good luck, keep persisting, and stay positive! I’m rooting for you!



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