On Being Feminine

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Have you ever seen the episode of New Girl where Jess and Nick’s new girlfriend Julia aren’t getting along and Jess gives a speech about being feminine but also a strong person? It goes like this…

Jess New Girl Quote


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I like feminine clothing, crafting, and chick flicks, but I’m also a big proponent of feminism. 

I was raised by a strong woman, and I always hope that I’m even half as strong as she is.

I’m a girly girl, I always have been, and I think that’s going to become more evident through the springtime. It’s my favorite time to dress up for. 

I think certain characteristics end up defining people, especially when it comes to appearance. Maybe someone dresses in a tomboyish way and then you find out they’re a hopeless romantic. Maybe another person dresses in a very preppy way and then you find out they’re into alternative or metal music. I definitely think we all stereotype each other without even meaning to. I mean it’s kind of human nature, we like things categorized and we like to know what we’re getting. It isn’t inherently bad, as long as you understand it’s a stereotype and can grow and change if it gets disputed. 

Maybe you see me and my love for Disney and girly clothes and think I seem childish. Or maybe you see me as the type who wants to be a stay at home mom and bake cookies all day. But I really wouldn’t say either of those are true (I say that tentatively because I’m not totally against the stay at home mom idea, it’s just definitely not at all my life right now). We are all so multifaceted that it’s so hard to have a good idea what someone is like when you only know minimal information about them. 

So if you’re a girly girl embrace it, but know you can still be anything else you want. 

Feminine Girly Outfit


Outfit Details: Top, White Jeans (also styled here), Shoes


Floral Top White Jeans




You can be strong and a girly-girl

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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  1. 4.22.19

    I really like your stance on this. I think you’re totally right

    • 4.22.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you! I appreciate hearing that!

  2. 4.29.19

    This is a really good post for women and even young girls to rad. It’s easy to feel like we have to look and act a certain way or risk being stereotyped – and I guess thats going to happen to a certain degree but it’s important to stay true to who we are anyways!

    • 4.29.19
      Emily said:

      Exactly! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. 4.30.19
    page said:

    LOVED reading this!

    • 5.1.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you!