November Round-Up and Goal Recap

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If you’ve read one of these posts before then you probably know this is going up a little earlier than normal. You may also have noticed that I’m not sharing December goals, and I usually both recap the last month’s goals and share my new ones. The reason for both of these things has to do with the post I’m sharing later this week. 

November didn’t see too many posts going up on the blog. However, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work. 

In November….

First of all I recapped October and shared November’s goals,

I shared my first post about things to do in St. Louis,

Then I shared ways to feel better, both in health and happiness,

I shared a fun fall outfit,

And my latest post was a few great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. If you are reading this post on Monday make sure you head to my latest post to check it out!


So how did November’s goals go?

Continue to grow traffic and try to diversify blog traffic: Blog traffic has been growing month to month, but never by a significant amount. I guess I really can’t complain because it is going up, it’s just a slow pace. As far as diversifying traffic, I didn’t really do this. In fact, I probably focused even more on Pinterest. I’ve read recently that its good to focus on one social network and “master it” before moving onto another, so I guess I’ll continue with trying to grow Pinterest for now. 

Implement a blog schedule: Well I can’t say I really scheduled this month, other than this week, but I do have most of my posts for December at least thought of, so I’d say this is a win.

Healthy Habits!!:  Always a goal, always a challenge. I guess this was okay. I think I had a decent amount of days where my eating wasn’t too bad, and I’ve been working on just trying to move more. 


I also mentioned working on a couple of other projects that were “secret”. One is still very much in the brainstorming phase, but the other is here! I started an email list! If you had previously subscribed to my blog, then you were just getting post updates through WordPress, but now I have my own newsletter! So if you sign up you’ll get my version of post updates and extra content I won’t be posting on the blog. You can sign up with the form below!


So that is that! I hope you enjoyed catching up on my goals and I’d love to hear how yours have been going. Also don’t forget to come back on Thursday for my special start to my holiday posts!


I'm recapping November on the goal and how my goals went #goals #goalsetting #goalupdate



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  1. 11.26.18
    paige said:

    just signed up for your list – so excited! x

    • 11.27.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!!