How to Create an Inviting Neutral Interior

Create an inviting neutral interior

I’m a color lover at heart, but lately I’ve found myself drawn to neutrals. Be it in decor or fashion, something about a neutral palette screams sophistication. Don’t worry, I’m not trading in all of my colorful belongings for shades of beige, but I do think adding in some neutral items can provide a bit of breathing room in a space. 

There are so many ways to do a neutral interior. What I find so inspiring is when people take neutral spaces and make them vibrant. It shows that so much interest can be added with a very limited color palette. Even when a pop of color is added to these neutral spaces, they maintain their cool and calm vibe because of the muted base. 

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Design Inspiration

I’ve collected some inspiration from a few gorgeous neutral spaces and I have some tips on how to create a captivating neutral interior.

I think they all bring something extra to the look, there’s no beige on beige on beige here. Let’s take a look.

Josh Young's Apartment


Artist Josh Young knows how to create a warm neutral interior. Josh’s instagram is a masterclass on how to layer. Between layered artwork to beautifully curated vignettes, Josh understands how to create an eye catching interior. 

Alex Yeske's Apartment


Art is also a big part of Alex Yeske’s apartment, seen here on Cup of Jo. I also love all of the layered books that add interest and a touch of color. 

Another thing I have to mention, aside from the neutral color palette, is the unconventional use of the bar cart. I personally love the look of bar carts, but I rarely drink, so it seems pretty impractical for me. But using it as a bookshelf is such a fun idea that I may have to try one day. 

Harlowe James Apartment


Chrissy from Harlowe James has done such an amazing job of decorating her apartment with neutrals. Chrissy’s sofa is a blue-gray tone. Which is still muted and neutral, but adds something extra compared to a basic gray sofa. 

Style It Pretty Home Staircase


Zenia from Style it Pretty Home shows how a bit of color can be added into a neutral interior. The walls are white, the staircase black, and muted color is brought in through the rug and artwork.

Three tips for your own neutral interior


Artwork, books, pillows, throws, layer them all up. Adding dimension through layers keeps the space interesting and keeps the eye moving around the room. 

Tones + Color

Color may not be the word that comes to mind thinking of a neutral space, but even neutral tones are colors. Mix and match shades of beige, tan, and brown. Add in some black and white. Even add touches of color! A room can still have the overall feel of a neutral interior even with a bit of color. 

I love the idea of adding blues in with neutrals. The reasoning behind this is twofold: I personally love the color blue, and also when blue is used this way it becomes a sort of neutral itself, similar to how denim works with just about everything. 


When going for a more monochromatic neutral space, texture can add that something extra. Think items like jute rugs layered with a patterned rug, wood furniture topped with metal accents, and chunky knit blankets or pillows juxtaposed with a smoother fabric like velvet.  

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Shop the Look

I’ve compiled several home decor pieces that would add a wonderful touch of neutrals to your space.

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