How to add lavender to your wardrobe, makeup, and home decor

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Pantone named Very Peri, a periwinkle blue tone, as the color of the year. Though, the color is lovely, what seems to be the real color of the year is lavender. Light purple shades seem to be popping in everything from fashion to makeup to home decor. Here are some ways you can incorporate lavender into your own style.

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Before we get started I do want to note that I am referring to all shades of light purple as lavender here for simplicity. However, if we get technical, lavender is a blue toned light purple, whereas lilac is pink toned.

What colors pair with lavender?

Maybe you have thought about adding lavender into your wardrobe, or perhaps you have some light purple items but aren’t sure how to wear them. 

If you tend to wear a lot of neutrals, you are in luck. Lavender pairs especially well with gray, black, and navy.

For color lovers, try pairing lavender with shades of pink like blush, hot pink, or berry tones. Lavender also looks great with darker tones of green and even red, orange, and yellow.

Not a color, but another great pairing with lavender is leopard print. Leopard print can function as a neutral while still adding a bit of punch as it is a pattern.

What about lavender makeup?

Lavender and purple tones in makeup have been having a moment since last year when purple blushes became a tiktok trend. Lavender may not seem like the easiest makeup color to wear, but it actually suits many skin tones.

Lavender eyeshadow is usually most people’s go to, but lavender blush or lipgloss can actually be more subtle. Try a cute lilac cream blush, or wear a light purple lipgloss on its own or over a pinky toned lipstick.

Adding lavender to your interior 

Lavender can work so well in homes, especially for springtime. You don’t have to go all out Easter pastels here, but adding a pop of lavender can give a bit of brightness even to the most neutral spaces.

Go for faux or real flowers in light purple tones. Add a lavender coffee table book to a table or shelf for a subtle touch of color. You can also go with throw pillow covers that are easy to switch out and store seasonally.


Lavender fashion, makeup, and home decor


Lavender can be a fun addition to your life in so many different ways. Both I’ve linked several lavender items, in case you’re interested in shopping. 

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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