Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

I’ve dabbled some with clean beauty in the past, and it’s something I’m always interested in learning more about. So when I found out there was a new clean beauty line on the market I was intrigued. Also, because the line is Lauren Conrad Beauty, I was especially on board.

I’ve been a fan of Lauren’s since her Laguna Beach/The Hills days (like many millennial women), and I’ve followed her career all these years. I love her clothing and accessory line, so I figured I’d like her beauty products too!

Read on to hear more about the brand and the products I tried out. 

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Lauren Conrad Beauty: The Brand 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Eyeliner and Lipstick

Upon debut, Lauren Conrad Beauty is small cosmetics collection with just five product offerings. The line claims to be “eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free”.  Most of the packaging is also meant to be recycled when the product is finished. 

The line contains liquid eyeliner, a lip and cheek tint, four shades of lipstick, three shades of lip gloss, and a liquid highlighter.

Pricing ranges from $18-26, so it is more on the high end side. However, as many clean beauty brands tend to be a bit pricy, it does seem more reasonable.

What I Purchased and a Review

I decided the pick up the eyeliner and a lipstick. 

Can you try a beauty brand by Lauren Conrad and not try the eyeliner? I think not. Lauren was the one that got me wearing winged liner so I had to give this a try. 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Eyeliner

The first thing I noticed about the eyeliner was that it applies so smoothly. It’s easy to get a really fine line, if that’s what you like, but also works well with a wing.

When I tested this makeup it was hot. We’re talking 90 degrees hot. So a bit of a meltdown could be expected. The eyeliner held up pretty well though; only a minor bit of smearing and it was when I attempted to smear it. But if I had left it alone and not touched my face it would have been perfectly fine.

The lipstick currently comes in four shades. In typical Emily fashion, I chose dahlia, the bright berry shade. Side note: Do you want to see a roundup of my berry lipsticks? This is something I’ve thought about doing, so let me know! 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Lipstick in Dahlia

The lipstick is labeled as being matte, and I would say it mostly is. There is the tiniest bit of sheen, which I would guess is from whatever moisturizing ingredients they use. The lipstick isn’t ultra moisturizing, but it’s not drying either. It’s comfortable on the lips. 

All but one of the lipstick shades are quite bright, which tends to lend to a staining effect. I actually really like this in a lip product because I don’t feel the need to reapply throughout the day. 


Final Thoughts

I’m happy with the products I purchased and am interested in trying more from the brand. Would you try any of the products?

Lauren Conrad Beauty is also now available at Kohl’s.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

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