Kosas Revealer Concealer and Foundation Review

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Kosas is a makeup brand that has been on my radar for the last year or so. The brand claims to be “makeup for skincare freaks”, and by that they mean many of their products are enhanced with skincare ingredients. Kosas formulates its products specifically for those with sensitive skin to be non-irritating. 

I have tried a few products from Kosas and wanted to review a couple of their complexion products: the Revealer Concealer, and one of the brand’s newest launches, the Revealer Foundation. Below you’ll find all of the specs on these products so you can decide if these are must haves for your makeup collection. 

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Kosas Revealer Concealer and Foundation Review

Kosas Revealer Foundation and Kosas Revealer Concealer

Is Kosas a clean beauty brand?

Clean beauty is a buzz phrase and a bit of a controversial one at that. There is no one definition of clean beauty and largely it is the cosmetics companies and retailers who decide what is clean. 

Kosas does consider themselves a clean beauty brand. Kosas claims they have banned over 2700 ingredients from their products, don’t use silicones, and try to stick with simple ingredients.  They formulate their products to work for those with sensitive skin, and therefore leave out an ingredients that may be irritating. 

Another note on clean beauty – just because an ingredient is banned by a company doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad. Silicones for instance can irritate some with sensitive skin, and therefore be seen as a harmful ingredient, but for others it is perfectly fine. Just something I wanted to mention so you don’t feel the need to throw out products for being “dirty”. 

Kosas Revealer Concealer Review

I’ve been using the Kosas Revealer Concealer pretty much daily for about a year now, so I’ve formulated some thoughts. 

Many of Kosas’ products are said to be makeup combined with skincare. Kosas claims Revealer Concealer is “concealer meets eye cream”. The concealer is meant to brighten, soothe, and plump the eye area with ingredients like caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. I have noticed that my under eye area looks better without makeup since I started using the concealer. 

I primarily use this on my under eyes but I’ll also use it to spot conceal blemishes. 

This concealer will crease if not set with powder. I do find that I have a temperamental eye area so it could partially just be me, but with a little setting powder I don’t get creasing and the concealer lasts all day. 

I like to apply this concealer in the same way as I do with most concealers – I dot it on the areas that need coverage, the I let the product sit for a minute to start to set. This tends to keep the coverage a little stronger so you don’t blend it all away immediately. Typically while I’m giving the concealer some time I’ll fill in my brows so I’m not wasting time. 

This concealer gives medium coverage. Medium coverage concealers seem like the perfect amount of coverage to me. If you a using a medium-full coverage foundation it adds just enough oomph to cover any flaws. If you prefer lighter foundations it will help cover blemishes and dark circles without looking cakey.

Kosas Revealer Concealer comes in 28 shades and costs $28 dollars. You get 6 grams of product (pretty standard for concealer). It is available directly from Kosas ,at Sephora, and Credo Beauty.

Kosas Revealer Foundation

Kosas recently released its first foundation (they previously had only a skin tint). The Revealer Foundation has many similar components as the concealer, as it also claims to have skincare benefits. It is also a medium coverage with a natural finish like the concealer. 

The Revealer Foundation contains an SPF 25 mineral sunscreen. It also includes skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, and squalane.

Up until now, I’ve pretty much only worn full coverage foundations. It was a bit of an adjustment being able to see some of my skin peaking through. The coverage of the foundation is buildable, however, it won’t get all the way to full coverage. 

In terms of this foundation being a natural finish, it’s not matte, but it’s also not super dewy. I also don’t feel like this foundation draws attention to pores or if I have a dry spot (my skin is pretty much combination), so it does seem to be a good foundation for most skin types. 

The Kosas Revealer Foundation comes in 36 shades and costs $42 for one ounce of product. It can be purchased through Kosas’s website or Sephora.

Product Swatches

Swatches of the Kosas Revealer Concealer in shade 0.5N and the Kosas Revealer Foundation in shade Very Light Cool 120.

As you can probably tell my concealer shade (0.5N) is much lighter than the foundation shade (Very Light Cool 120). I opted for a slightly darker shade of foundation because I thought the undertones of the shade matched my skin better. When I wear these together they to blend well and look natural on my skin. I also set both with the Kosas Cloud Set Powder in Airy (not pictured) and I think that helps tie everything together. 

Would I Repurchase?

I’ve repurchased the concealer three times, so absolutely yes. 

The foundation I’m more on the fence about. I do think it is a good foundation, but as I mentioned, I tend to go for fuller coverage foundations. This one, while nice, is probably not going to be one I buy again and again. That being said, if you like a more natural looking foundation and prefer lighter to medium coverage I think you’ll really love it. 

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Kosas concealer and foundation review
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