July Recap and August Goals

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June was my first month blogging, and at the end of the month I thought it would be a good idea to start a monthly goals series. I did just that, so here is my recap of July and goals for August. 


Recapping my monthly goals for July and setting new goals for August!


July was honestly a rough month for me. It was going to be a busy month anyway with having to do some local travel for work and with so many routine doctor’s appointments falling this month. But then I got into a car accident (not my fault and I’m fine). Even when you’re not at fault for an accident it still feels like you are being punished. It’s been rough. I luckily have always opted for the fullest of full coverage, so I have coverage for a rental car. Great right? Well I’ve ended up with three different rental cars this month, two of which have been awful humongous cars. So needless to say I’ve been distracted and this blog has suffered from it. 

Sorry to get so rant-y. I just feel like I need to explain myself. 

So here’s how I failed at my July goals

July Blog Goals

Increase my page views. I think I may have had even less page views this month. That’s probably either because I posted less or because what I have heard about blog engagement in the summer going down is true. I’m thinking it’s more because of my posting, I only did about a post a week, versus my two posts per week last month. So obviously it would make sense that I didn’t see as many page views when I had half as much content.

I’m also not the best at marketing myself yet. I’ve gotten a couple of ebooks on blogging and I’m hoping to get more into them soon. If they work well, I’ll let you know! 

2 posts per week. Well I already mentioned this one didn’t happen. 

Increase my Instagram following. I was under 900 followers at the beginning of July and I’m over 900 followers now, so I guess I can count this one as a win. I wanted to get to 1000 followers this month but maybe I can do this in August. 

July Life goals

Continue to work on the bedroom makeover. I actually did a pretty good organization of my scrapbooking supplies this past weekend. Still definitely not perfect, but an improvement. My room pretty much still looks like the disheveled mess that it was in the beginning of all of this, so I think I’m going to need to set aside more time to actually try to get some work done. Hopefully I’ll post a real update later in August. 

Less candy more vegetables. This was a pretty unspecific goal and I don’t really think I achieved it. 

Workout twice a week. Nope. I don’t even think I worked out once. Unless you count the night I got way too sweaty practicing the In My Feelings Challenge (I’m not going to make a video of this, I just like to dance).  

Have a great 4th of July. This one happened. My 4th of July ended up being a little bit unexpected. A friend invited me to a party and then I got to watch St. Louis fireworks from a rooftop, so that was pretty cool. 


Okay so August…

Actually post twice a week. I really do think this is a doable schedule so I’m going to try to get back to it. 

Write down a blog plan. I sort of feel like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. I have stuff in mind but I think it helps to get things down on paper. 


and that’s all I’m going to commit to for now. 


I’d like to set some fitness goals, but I want to figure out what’s appropriate for me first. I’ve dealt with a chronic back injury for years now, and although I didn’t think I was initially hurt in the accident, it may have caused some flare up. I see a chiropractor regularly, and I’m seeing my primary doctor in August, so I’m going to let the professionals decide whats best. 

I know this isn’t much in the way of goals, but it’s real life. Even though I didn’t achieve my goals last month, I’m proud of myself for continuing to work on my blog even through a stressful time, and maybe that can inspire someone else to keep on hustling toward their goals. 


What are you hoping to achieve soon?


Recapping my goals for July and setting new goals for August!


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  1. 8.1.18
    Maddy said:

    Good luck with your goals! I’ve found that actually setting benchmarks is what helps me achieve.

    • 8.2.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!!

  2. 8.1.18
    Laureen said:

    Omg. I need to be better at both setting and achieving my monthly goals. What a great article to inspire me to do so.

    • 8.2.18
      Emily said:

      Thanks! Good luck on your goals!!

  3. 8.1.18

    I failed at my July goals too!! Hopefully August will be better for us both!

    • 8.2.18
      Emily said:

      I hope so too!!

  4. 8.1.18

    I’m with you on this. It’s like every month after I set really high goals, I have to set more realistic or even follow-up goals to those big goals.
    Also…one less candy bar achieves that goal 😉 😉 it’s the little things!!!

    • 8.2.18
      Emily said:

      Very true! Small steps get things done!