How to decorate a small space for the holidays

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I love decorating my space seasonally and I think there’s always something extra special about Christmas decor. Even if you working with a small space you can still add holiday cheer! Here I’m sharing all about how I created a small display in my bedroom and tips for how to decorate any small space for the holidays.

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How to decorate a small space for the holidays

Decide on a theme

When it comes to decorating any area for the holidays, having a theme in mind is helpful. For small spaces it is even more important because you have less of an area to work with. For my bedroom, I opted for a pastel winter wonderland for my theme. 

When you are picking a theme, you don’t have to be super detailed with it, even just a color scheme works to help guide what decor you’ll use. 

Gather what you have that goes with your theme. If you like to do a similar theme each year, you probably have most of what you need.

Evaluate your space

This may seem obvious- even in a small space you know an entire corner is larger than a small shelf. However, I think sometimes when we envision an area in our mind it seems larger than it really is, at least this usually happens to me. Knowing how much space you are really working with is important for knowing what decor you can realistically work with. 

Sort through your decor and be realistic about how much will fit in the space. Crowding the area will just draw attention to the fact that it is small.

How to decorate a small Christmas tree

My small white tree is one from Target. I bought mine a few years ago, but this one and this one are similar.

Most small trees, especially inexpensive ones, aren’t going to be pre-lit. To decorate my tree, I used the smallest strand of lights, which was a strand of 50, to cover the tree. It was a pretty perfect amount.

If you are wanting to add some Christmas decorations to a small space or add some holiday cheer to an unconventional area like a bedroom, I’ve got you covered. See how I decorated my space at

For small trees I don’t think you only have to use small ornaments. I enjoy using a mix of regular ornaments and mini ornaments on small Christmas trees. On this tree there are even a couple of oversized snowflakes tucked in.

This set of mini ornaments comes in several color options and is very affordable!

Shop Mini Christmas Trees

Happy Holidays friends!

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  1. 12.15.18
    Denay said:

    I’m obsessed with this tiny white Christmas tree. It makes me want to go get one for my workspace!

    • 12.15.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!! Small trees are really fun!