How to decorate a small space for the holidays

I love decorating my space seasonally and I think there’s always something extra special about Christmas decor. This year I decided to create a small display in my bedroom, which was new for me, and I’m so happy with the results.

I opted for the top of my dresser to be the main display area. My dresser isn’t large, maybe about 3 feet wide, so I had to get a little creative in how I did this. Keep reading for how I decorated my space and some tips for small space holiday decor.

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Before you decorate

Decide on a theme

My original plan for this year was to do a Nutcracker themed tree. There are still elements of this with the Clara and the Nutcracker ornament I found, and a crown that reminds me of either the Mouse King or the Nutcracker Prince. Ultimately I decided to go with more of a pastel winter wonderland for my theme. 

When you are picking a theme, you don’t have to be super detailed with it, even just a color scheme works. 

Gather what you have that goes with your theme. If you like to do a similar theme each year, you probably have most of what you need. If you do need to buy new items, I recommend going to craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann Fabrics. They always have their holiday decor 40-70% off this time of year and sometimes you can use additional coupons on top of that!

Cute Pastel Christmas Decor in a small area


Evaluate your space

This may seem obvious- even in a small space you know an entire corner is larger than a small shelf. However, I think sometimes when we envision an area in our mind it seems larger than it really is, at least this usually happens to me. Knowing how much space you are really working with is important for knowing what decor you can realistically work with. 


How to decorate a small Christmas tree

My small white tree is one from Target. I bought mine last year but they always have something similar year to year. Instead of starting with lights, as I normally would, I began with a garland. The reason I started with this, is because it is a similar color to the tree and I used it to help fill in any gaps. You can totally start with your lights though.


Most small trees, especially inexpensive ones, aren’t going to be pre-lit. I used the smallest strand of lights, which was a strand of 50, to cover the tree. It was a pretty perfect amount.


If you are wanting to add some Christmas decorations to a small space or add some holiday cheer to an unconventional area like a bedroom, I’ve got you covered. See how I decorated my space at


When it comes to adding your ornaments, I always think you should place your “star of the show” ornament first. For me this year it’s the nutcracker ornament. I placed her right front and center of the tree.

For small trees I don’t think you only have to use small ornaments. A lot of mine are, but I also have a few regular sized ones and even a couple of oversized snowflakes tucked into the tree. Some of my ornaments were ones I already had, and some I purchased specifically to go with this theme. Almost everything is from Target, Michaels, or Dollar Tree, so it was all very affordable.


Additional decor


For creating a winter wonderland scene, I knew the chestnut color of my dresser wasn’t going to work. I found a “snow blanket” at Target (basically a large piece of felt) and cut it to size to cover the top of the dresser.

I added in some other decor pieces to add to the holiday feel. I used a pastel snow globe that was a Christmas gift last year, some ceramic trees (including this one that lights up!), and a little vintage-looking deer ornament.


If you are wanting to add some Christmas decorations to a small space or add some holiday cheer to an unconventional area like a bedroom, I’ve got you covered. See how I decorated my space at

Cute Pastel Ornaments

And that’s it! I’m trying to create a more intentional holiday season and I have to say waking up to Christmas decorations in your room really does something for brightening your mood and putting you in the holiday spirit. Even if you don’t go all out, putting some holiday decor that you love where you can see it first thing each day will certainly make a difference!

Happy Holidays friends!


Christmas Decor



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  1. 12.15.18
    Denay said:

    I’m obsessed with this tiny white Christmas tree. It makes me want to go get one for my workspace!

    • 12.15.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!! Small trees are really fun!