How to be Comfortable in Anything You Wear

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I think many people have the idea that work clothes or dress clothes can’t be comfortable. Or that items like jeans are just always uncomfortable by nature. This doesn’t have to be! Today I’m sharing my tips to be comfortable in anything you wear. 


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Make sure your clothes actually fit

Crazy concept, right? But seriously, how many times have you tried to squeeze into something that was too small or too big or too low cut? If something doesn’t fit you right you’ll end up feeling physically uncomfortable and maybe insecure with the way it looks on you. 

Ignore the numbers

This one can be tough. We live in a society where women are judged by our weight and size so it can be tempting to try to wear a smaller size if it will go on. Who cares if its uncomfortable, you’re in a size 4! 

No. Just no. 

Wear your true size whether it’s a 2 or a 22. When your wearing something that actually fits, it will be so much more comfortable automatically. 

Actually try your clothes on

I am notorious for not trying on clothing before buying it. I think most women have had at least one bad dressing room experience, plus it’s just a hassle. The plan when I buy something is to try it on at home and if it doesn’t work bring it back. I bet you can guess how well that works out. So I either end up wearing an ill-fitting item and feel self-conscious in it, or it sits around gathering dust. 

Take the extra time and try stuff on! You’ll know if it looks and feels good right away and what size you actually need. If you don’t have time to try something on, then wait until another time when you do. If the item is sold out by the time you come back then it probably would have looked terrible anyway 😉

Obviously if you’re an online shopper you won’t be able to try before you buy. Commit to yourself that you’ll return the item if it isn’t just right. If you can’t make that commitment then don’t buy it!


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Go through your current wardrobe

If you’re familiar with The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, then you probably know that you are supposed to start decluttering with your clothes. The idea is to take everything out of your closet and go through each item one by one to decide if you want to keep it or not. Well I say go a step further and actually try on the items you think you want to keep. Maybe a top looks gorgeous on the hanger but doesn’t lay quite right when it’s on. You don’t have to do a full closet declutter (Goodness knows I need to!) but notice when you get ready each day if something isn’t working for you. Have a bag at the ready for selling or donating and get rid of it. Chances are someone else could use it and it would look great on them!

Check your fabrics

I’ve heard so many people say they hate “real pants” and wish they could wear leggings or yoga pants all the time. Well comfy clothes are comfy for a reason, but “real pants” can be comfortable too. Besides just having an item that fits right, check the fabrics too. An item that is a stretch fabric is going to feel so much better than something without it. So many jeans now are made to stretch, so there’s no reason you should be uncomfortable. 



If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to feel more comfortable no matter what your style. 

Have you ever tried any of these ideas? Be sure to let me knowing the comments!


Follow these tips to feel comfortable in every outfit.

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