Grandmillennial Holiday Decor

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Recently I shared a gift guide for the grandmillennial. Today we’re continuing this idea with holiday home decor.

Before we jump in, if you need a refresher on grandmillennial style, this post will give you all the in depth details. For the short version, grandmillennial style came from interior design and combines traditional decor style, think grandma, with more modern, or millennial, touches. It has, however, gone beyond decor and become more of a lifestyle. 

I’ve rounded up holiday decor and tree ornaments that to me scream grandmillennial. If you already have this look in your home, these items should work perfectly and keep in line with your everyday decor. Let’s get into our grandmillennial holiday home decor and Christmas tree ornaments.

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Grandmillennial Holiday Decor

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, don’t stray too far from your typical design style. If you hate the color red, don’t incorporate it. I think a lot of times people feel obligated to decorate with traditional Christmas reds and greens, but in actuality, you can decorate any way you want! There are holiday decorations in every color and style, so choose what you like, not what you feel like you are supposed to use. 

A collection of holiday home decor items in the grandmillennial decor style.

Block Print Tree Skirt | Pink Christmas Tree Pillow | Needlepoint Mini Stocking | Lights Tea Towel | Pink Reindeer | Pastel House | Mint House | Colorful Stocking

Grandmillennial Ornaments

You can have so much fun with ornaments. Whether you stick to a theme or not, one of these grandmillennial ornaments is sure to give your tree a special touch.

A collection of Christmas tree ornaments in the grandmillennial design style.

Blue and White | Pink Retro Tree | Santa Needlepoint | Staffordshire Dog | Marie Antoinette | Ginger Jars | Nutcracker Round Ornament | Teapot | Clara and Nutcracker

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