Grandmillennial Design – What it is and what to shop

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Have you heard the term grandmillennial? It describes those of us who tend to be drawn more to the past and elegant design styles. 

Keep reading for elements of this design style, why it seems to be popular now, and amazing pieces to get this look for an affordable price!

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Am I a Grandmillennial?

Maybe you are sitting at your laptop reading this post and asking yourself if you are in fact a grandmillennial. Well there are a few factors that may clue you in. 

Are you drawn to floral, or chintz, patterns in fabrics or wallpaper? Are you drawn to wallpaper? Are you more drawn to vintage trinkets and furniture rather than whatever is currently on the shelves at Homegoods? Then you might be a grandmillennial.

Key parts to this style

Needlepoint/Cross Stitch/Embroidery

Whether it’s on a pillow, a wall hanging, or in an embroidery hoop these stitched items are a big element in grandmillennial decor. If you want the look yourself, check Etsy or antique stores for ready made items, or grab a pattern and try your hand at needlepoint or embroidery yourself!


Chinoiserie is actually a French interpretation of items originally from China. This includes items like ginger jars, foo dogs, and bamboo elements


Florals, or chintz, are perfect for spring, but they’re also perfect for achieving a granny chic look! Try floral print on curtains, bedspreads, wallpaper, even chairs!

Rattan and Wicker

Its not just for outdoor furniture (though that’s great too). Use rattan and wicker inside on side tables and coffee table trays!

Real wood furniture

Furniture pieces aren’t made the way they used to be, and putting together a dresser that came in a cardboard box probably won’t survive your next move. 

Head to a flea market, or your grandma’s basement, to find a well made traditional piece that will last a lifetime. 

Little details

Grandmillennial style is all in the details. Scallops, bows, even coastal elements like shells, can help complete the look. 

Why are traditional elements and grandmillennial style popular now?

I think the reason many younger people are drawn to traditional design elements is because there is a coziness to it, and a familiar feeling. Maybe it is similar to how your grandmother decorated. 

Many of us millennials came into adulthood during a recession. We’ve struggled with finding jobs and are living through a pandemic. Having a home that feels welcoming is more important now than it has been in a long time. 

How to get the grandmillennial look affordably

Start with secondhand

Many of the decor and furniture items popular in grandmillennial style have been around for years. Don’t ditch your family’s hand-me-down furniture! Hit up your local thrift stores, garage sales, and Facebook Marketplace. 

Shop at the big box stores (for some things)

If you are trying to save money decorating, going to stores like Target, Walmart, and Homegoods can be helpful. You just need to know what to look for. Many of my blue and white ginger jars are from Homegoods and I’ve found some great rattan items at target. 

Bedding, lamp shades, table linens, and more can all be found in classic patterns and styles at chain retailers for a great price. 

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Take your time on splurges

Its always tempting to want to fill a room immediately when moving into a space, or get all new furnishings when you’re ready to redecorate, but I’m here to say, WAIT. You’ll be much happier that you waited and saved for that Serena and Lily coffee table that you love rather than buying the cheapest coffee table at Ikea because you need something to fill the space. 

Get the look

Below you’ll find a curated collection of grandmillennial pieces. Some are splurge worthy, while others are quite affordable. Remember when shopping to take your time, and curate a space that truly feel like you!



Grandmillennial Design


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