Grandmillennial Design – What it is and what to shop

House Beautiful coined the term “Grandmillennial” a few months back, and I’m so glad they did. It’s for those of us who tend to be drawn more to the past and elegant styles, but still love a touch of contemporary design.  

For the past year or so I’ve been very drawn to chinoiserie decor and a new traditional style. In fact when I shared my plans for designing my bedroom, I was following grandmillennial style! I’m so glad this design style finally has a name. If you’re a fan of vintage, chinoiserie, or traditional meets modern decor, you might be a grandmillennial yourself.

The grandmillennial style seems to be the response to the minimalism movement. Grandmillennial style is more maximalist; cluttered but not messy.

Keep reading for elements of this design style amazing pieces to get this look for an affordable price!

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Grandmillennial Style – What to look for

Needlepoint/Cross Stitch/Embroidery

Whether it’s on a pillow, a wall hanging, or in an embroidery hoop these stitched items are perfect for grandmillennial style. What’s great about newer items is that many of them have fun tongue in cheek sayings that fit with modern life. 

There are even many patterns out there if you want to try your hand at needlepoint yourself! What’s more grandmillennial than that?


I for one am obsessed with Chinoiserie decor. Chinoiserie is actually a French interpretation of items originally from China. Ginger jars, blue and white, and bamboo: it’s all just so pretty.


Florals are perfect for spring, but they’re also perfect for achieving a granny chic look! Try floral print on curtains, bedspreads, wallpaper, even chairs!

Rattan and Wicker

Its not just for outdoor furniture (though that’s great too). Use rattan and wicker inside on side tables and coffee table trays!

Find even more inspiration – Books!

I shared several coffee table books that I love, and many of them are great if you are wanting ideas to incorporate this design style. Beautiful is perfect for the blue and white lover!

Though published prior to the term being coined, Anna Spiro’s book perfectly showcases this trend. Anna does a wonderful job of combining modern and traditional decor, using a maximalist style, and she loves blue and white! The book itself also is so beautiful it will fit perfectly on a grand millennial coffee table.

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Get the Grandmillennial look for yourself

I have found so many wonderful home decor pieces that fit this style perfectly. I’m also always looking for budget friendly items, so most of these are affordable too!


I hope you found this post helpful, and maybe you found a new design style to love! What’s your favorite part of grandmillennial style?


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Grandmillennial Design


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