10 Coffee Table Books for the Home Decor Lover

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I have a bit of an obsession with coffee table books. I love them on their own, but I also always love seeing them styled in other people’s homes. 

The reason I enjoy coffee table books is twofold. They provide inspiring images and helpful information, and they can serve as a decor piece themselves. 

They don’t have to just be used for coffee tables either. These books look great stacked on shelves, on media consoles, or even nightstands. 

Coffee table books as decor can help add a fun collected look to a room. They can be used on their own or within stacks to bring height to smaller objects. The funny thing about these coffee table books is you will always see other books peppered throughout the photos inside. 

I’ve compiled a list of ten coffee table books for anyone who loves home decor and interior design. The first part of the list includes books I already own, and the rest are on my wishlist. 

This post contains affiliate links. So if you make a purchase using my link, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

Photo of a stack of coffee table books

Ten Coffee Table Books for the Home Decor Lover

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

Anna is an Australian designer and introduces the book but sharing how she got into interior design and tips on making a mood board. I really love Anna’s design style because it is quite eclectic and colorful, which is how I think my style is as well. Unfortunately it seems Absolutely Beautiful Things has gotten to be a bit more difficult to find in the US, however it can be found secondhand.

All in Good Taste from Kate Spade

All in Good Taste probably wouldn’t *technically* be considered a home decor book, as it is more about entertaining. It does, however, include home decor tips and the best ways to set up your home for entertaining. If you have a lovely home you probably want to show it off, so why not learn how to throw a great party?!

Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes

As cheesy as it sounds, Beautiful is such a beautiful book. Mark D. Sikes has such talent for design and seems to be able to make rooms look effortless and put together all at the same time. His style is quite traditional and classic Americana. Mark has now released a second book, More Beautiful that is on my wishlist!

Elements of Style by Erin Gates

This is my newest book and already a big favorite. Erin’s designs are gorgeous, and in Elements of Style she shares her home (including animal print stairs!) and others she has designed. 

Another thing I love that Erin does is share tips specifically for renters. I don’t think renting is covered a lot by designers and there are definitely a lot of us out there who rent. 

The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels

The Inspired Room isn’t written from the perspective of a high designed untouchable home. 

It’s all about making your home work for you. You don’t have to go out and buy all new things, you can rework what you have to make you home an inspiring one to you. 

The book showcases Melissa’s home which is both practical and beautiful. 

Prints Charming by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon

Prints Charming was written by the design duo behind Madcap Cottage. Their style is known for mixing prints and patterns, and every room showcased in this book is such wonder to look at. They show how to go wild with mixing patterns and how to keep things more subdued and neutral. A must-have for anyone wanting to level up their decorating skills.

Styled by Emily Henderson

I actually do own this book, though in Kindle form. I really would highly recommend getting all of these books in hard copy, it just so happened that the Kindle version was on sale for $1.99. I’m planning on buying the actual book soon because I’d love to be able to flip through and easily reference it whenever I want. 

Styled is all about adding those special touches to the home. Emily Henderson is an experienced interior stylist, which essentially means she works with designers and photographers to make sure rooms come across perfectly in photos. Emily breaks down each room of the house in this book, and shows why design elements work. What seems haphazard and casual may actually be done purposefully to bring in color to the room. 

Another thing I really enjoy about this book is it includes a design style quiz. While I think, as does Emily, that its good to mix and match styles, it can be nice to have some direction if you really aren’t sure what style will suit you. 

Beauty at Home by Aerin Lauder

The first book on the list that I don’t actually own. Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, and as you can probably guess has a high style of her own. Along with sharing her elegant home, she shares about her life and family in Beauty at Home 

Dream Design Live by Paloma Contreras

Paloma’s design style is one that I really love. I think she does a great job of mixing styles like traditional and more modern pieces. Dream Design Live is all about making your home one that you love and that reflects you and how you live. 

This book is probably next on my list to purchase.

Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon

Another book that may be considered on the entertaining side, Reese shares all about southern living. Whiskey in a Teacup includes recipes, style, and home decor. 


Do you have any of these books? Or do you plan on getting any of them?


Coffee Table books to add to your home

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