Coastal Grandmother Amazon Finds

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Are you wanting to incorporate a coastal grandmother, Nancy Meyers inspired look in your home? These Amazon decor finds will get you started!

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The idea of the Coastal Grandmother is one of TikTok’s latest viral sensations. Coined by Tiktoker Lex Nicoleta, the lifestyle of a coastal grandmother is highly influenced by Nancy Meyers movies: think good food, great wine, and beautiful interiors. 

Just like with grandmillennial style, you don’t have to be an actual grandmother to embrace coastal grandmother living. Here I want to show decor inspired by this coastal style, and well, Nancy Meyers too, in order to create a calm, cool interior oasis. 

Coastal grandmother style isn’t the coastal style you are maybe accustomed to from the early 2000s. We’re not talking seashell printed shower curtains and “Beach Please” signs. This coastal look is much more elevated and incorporates more traditional style influences as well. It is focused on bringing in blues, beiges, and crisp whites akin to the sea, sky, and sand, and natural elements like rattan. 

Even though this is an elevated look, you can get the coastal feel in an affordable way. Below I’ve rounded up furniture and decor pieces from Amazon that will provide coastal touches to anywhere in your home. 

Coastal Grandmother Amazon Finds

Amazon home decor finds to get the coastal grandmother and Nancy Meyers movie inspired style.

Gold sconce with shade

Scalloped rattan basket tray

Blue block print throw pillow cover

Blue and white ginger jar

White sofa

Large rattan basket with lid (this could even double as a side table)

Coastal Blues coffee table book

White coffee table (you may see this in my future apartment!)

Blue and white indoor/outdoor rug

Off white spindle chair

Traditional round side table 

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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