What I learned from trying and failing to blog everyday for a month

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Hi! Happy Halloween! Happy last day of Blogtober, if you’ve been participating in this challenge. 

If you saw I was trying to do Blogtober this year, you also probably noticed I kind of failed. It started well, I was super motivated, but then I let my perfectionism get the best of me.

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In a way my blog intimidates me. Or probably, in reality, the blogging world intimidates me. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to make this blog perfect and I don’t ever think it measures up to my standards. 

Blogging every single day isn’t a realistic schedule for anyone. I know there are bloggers that post five days a week but I think a more common and manageable schedule is two to three times a week. 

The whole point of this challenge for me was to to try get myself unstuck and break past my own barriers. The perfectionism is still a huge work in progress, but this challenge did teach me a few things about myself and my blog. 

I need a plan (and you probably do too)

The biggest mistake I think I made with trying to blog everyday in October was that I didn’t have a plan. I decided pretty much as soon as I woke up on October 1st that I was doing Blogtober. So as you can probably imagine it was a struggle to come up with post ideas. I think I did well during the first week, but then I lost my mojo and went back to posting my usual once a week.

I really realized this month just how much I need to plan things out. I’ve never really been one for planning. In fact, I tend to be more fly by the seat of my pants or wait for that last minute deadline push. But when you’re a blogger, you don’t have a deadline (unless you’re doing some type of sponsored post). You have to create your schedules and hold yourself accountable. 

I haven’t really used any type of content calendar, but I think that is going to have to change. I’ve been hesitant to use anything because it’s felt like things would be set in stone. But in reality changes can still be made at any time. 

Having a content plan can really be anything. It can be as simple as a list of post ideas or as detailed as a calendar with exact dates for writing, photos, and posting. How detailed your plan is depends on what you need. I think I’m going to try a running post list with posting dates roughly penciled in.

Colorful Bird Mural

Top: Target (similar), Pants: Old Navy

I found some focus

One thing I’ve always felt was lacking in this blog was focus. I wanted to write about all the things! I still do, but I think I’m finding a way to focus in a little more. 

When you’re trying to write something everyday, you realize what you want to write about and what you don’t.

Even though I wasn’t writing a lot of my own content this month, I felt like I was consuming a ton of it. October seems like such a crafty month with fall home tours, diy Halloween decor, and crafty Halloween costumes. 

I’ve shared a bit of home decor on this blog but not much, and not much at all in the way of diys. I’ve always loved crafting and I’ve loved home decor and interior design since my early teens. I really want to bring this into the blog more, and with the holidays coming up it seems like the perfect time. 

I’ve realized I want to share less fashion content, or at least less typical fashion content. My post this month about wearing pastels for fall is more what I’d like to share. It’s more helpful to you if I’m sharing tips and tricks rather than just saying hey look at this cute outfit. It’s also more enjoyable for me to write as I have a lot more to work with. 

I also may do some posts like this one that aren’t fashion focused, but I still share something I’ve worn. 

Rainbow Striped Sweater

Moving Forward

I do think challenges work for me. They give me a bit of accountability when I don’t really give myself any. 

I’ve been thinking about doing a 12 days of blogging challenge for myself, leading up to Christmas. This will be more manageable because it’s not everyday and it gives me plenty of time to plan. 

Other than that I’m hoping to work myself up to that two to three posts a week mark, and you know, be a little less harsh on myself. 

If you did Blogtober how did it go? And if you have any goals for yourself (blogging or not) let me know! We can be accountability buddies. 


Trying and Failing Blogging Everyday

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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