August Recap and September Goals

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Hello everyone and happy September! I’m a few days late getting this up because I’ve been sick the past few days. Anyway, here is my recap of my August goals and the goals I am setting for my self in September. 


Every month I like to set goals for myself and the blog. Here's how my August goals went and the goals I'm setting for September.

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August Recap

For August I tried not to go overboard with goals. I was still recovering from the stress that was the month of July, and I wanted to keep things simple. I only set two goals: post twice a week and make a blog plan. All in all, I can’t say I succeeded on either of these goals, but they weren’t total fails either. 

I only managed to post twice a week one week this month. Still, August saw my highest page views yet (nothing crazy, I’m still a baby blogger). I think I did a better job with using blogger Facebook groups and creating better pins for Pinterest. 

As far as making a blog plan, I can’t say I totally did this. I did, however, create a schedule for the next two months of when I would like to post and wrote in a couple of post ideas. So that’s something. 

Last month’s goals were all about my blog, so this month I think I’d like to focus more on myself and personal development. 

Summer to fall transitional outfit ideas 


September Goals


Take time to take care of myself: A few years ago I wouldn’t dream of going out without my makeup done and a fully styled and accessorized outfit (unless I was wearing a work uniform). Now I don’t think you need to be fully made up and dressed to the nines everyday, but I liked feeling put together. But over the past few years I’ve let my everyday make up routine fall to the bare essentials (much less than what I mentioned here) and my work outfits tend to be whatever I throw on that’s work appropriate before running out the door. Maybe one day a week (on the weekend) I’ll wear an outfit I actually like and do my makeup. A lot of times, it all just feels like too much work. Or sometimes (like before work) I’d rather spend an extra 10-20 minutes sleeping rather than putting together an outfit or doing a fuller face of makeup. 

I’d also like to include more self-care beauty practices. This might be doing a weekly face mask or painting my nails more often than every few months. 

Add in a new healthy habit each week: Improving my health has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The problem is that I think I try to change things too drastically so it doesn’t last. I want to implement one small change a week. For instance, increasing my water intake, increasing my activity (I’ll track this through the pedometer app on my phone), eating out less, and if you have an idea for a fourth thing, let me know! -I’ve been trying to work on the water this week because of being a bit sick. 

Continue going through 100 Days to Brave: I started working through the book 100 Days to Brave on the first of the month and I’d like to keep going with it. I have a tendency to let things go easily and I do think this book will be helpful so I don’t want to do that. 

Switch up my blog theme: Okay, I guess I do have a blogging goal. I like the simplicity of my blog, but there have been some things all along about the template that I don’t love. So I think I want to try to find something that suits me better (and is hopefully free).


What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments!

winter to spring transition outfit with a striped sweater and medium wash jeans

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  1. 9.5.18
    Dana said:

    I absolutely loved this! I love seeing goals from others to help me know I’m not alone. I totally vibe with your September goals and have some similar ones! I want to start cooking more meals (helps me eat healthy!), go on a walk/run every day, and do one thing a week that makes me happy (reading, hiking, watching my fave movie). Thanks for the inspiration to write down my goals. Hope your September is amazing 🙂

    • 9.5.18
      Emily said:

      Those goals sound great! I hope you have an awesome September as well!

  2. 9.5.18
    Chelsey said:

    Inspiring goals! Love this!

    • 9.5.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!

  3. 9.6.18
    J Franco said:

    It’s great that you are setting goals.
    I reccomend A genesis framework with a child theme browse through studiopress and see if you like any so that you can update your blog theme.

    My goal this month is to land 1 more client for the agency and begin the coursework for my instagram for business class.

    • 9.7.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll look into that.

      Good luck with your class!

  4. 9.7.18
    joy said:

    your current blog layout is very nice. chic and simple. 😀
    Joy at The Joyous Living

    • 9.7.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you!

  5. 9.11.18
    paige said:

    such a great post idea – love reading your goals for the month! going to have to copy you with putting more effort into getting ready and adding in healthy habits!! <3 x

    • 9.11.18
      Emily said:

      You should! I’m trying to just stick with taking small steps because I think I’ll actually make some changes then!

  6. 9.11.18
    Mia said:

    love this!!! blog consistency is my goal. I work sooo much that I just fail on posting regularly- BUT busy is not an excuse. kill it this September sister! <3

    • 9.11.18
      Emily said:

      Thank you! I get it, consistency can be tough, especially when you’re busy. Keep trying!!

  7. 9.21.18
    Julia said:

    Changing up your blog template sounds like an awesome idea. It’s funny sometimes how just changing up one thing about your blog can completely refresh your viewpoint on it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • 9.22.18
      Emily said: