The Anthropologie Primrose Mirror and Budget Friendly Alternatives

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Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

If you follow a lot of influencers, especially in the home decor category, you have probably seen the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. Its a statement piece that instantly adds an old world flair, and it is very expensive. However, you can achieve a similar look to the Primrose mirror for much less. Just keep reading. 

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So what is it about the Primrose Mirror?

The Primrose Mirror has an ornate old world look to it, like maybe you found it in an antique store in Paris. The frame has an antiqued finish and baroque floral detailing.

The most common finish for the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror is gold, but it also comes in silver and an antiqued black.

The Primrose Mirror comes in four sizes ranging from 3 feet, which would be perfect on top of a dresser, to a 7 feet, large scale full length mirror which can make a big impact in a bedroom or entryway. 

Another reason I think the mirror is so popular is that it works with several decor styles. It can blend seamlessly into the grandmillennial style that I love, look perfect in a Parisian inspired home, or pop in a bohemian space.

When it comes to looking for alternatives to the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, we want to look for a similar antiqued finish and embellished detailing on the frame.

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Alternatives

It should be noted that while these mirrors are “budget friendly alternatives” some of these mirrors may still be out of budget for some. Most of these mirrors are in the hundred dollar range. However, the smallest size in the Primrose Mirror is almost FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, so these really are more budget friendly by comparison.

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror and Budget Alternatives

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

Top Detail Mirror

Antiqued White Mirror

Bow Detail Mirror

Round Floral Mirror

Silver Mirror

Large Filigree Mirror


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