4 Books to Read this Fall

I'm sharing four of my most recent reads that I think are perfect for cozying up with this fall!

I’ve been reading a lot more lately, which I think is largely due to my new-found love of audio books and reading digital books on my laptop. These four books are ones I’ve read most recently and I think they are perfect for cozying up this fall. I’ve mentioned a couple of these before in favorites posts (July and August/September) but the others are brand new to the blog. Let’s get into it. 


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What Alice Forgot: I mentioned this book in my latest favorites post. It tells the story of Alice, a woman who looses all of her memory for the last ten years and has to figure out the pieces of her life. The story is told from three perspectives, a third person perspective following Alice, journal entries from Alice’s sister Elizabeth, and letters written by their grandmother Frannie. The characters are all very realistic, and all going through their own struggles. The book really leads you to feel like you know the characters and care about them.  


Sharp Objects: I feel like I’m always mentioning my love for Sharp Objects. I do have to say the book is MUCH better than the series. I liked the series, I think they chose great actors, but I think certain episodes were really slow, and I felt like they unnecessarily changed things for dramatic effect. 

If you’re unfamiliar, Sharp Objects is about a reporter, Camille, who is sent to her home town to investigate the murder of a young girl and the recent disappearance of another girl. Camille’s mental health and family dynamics play a huge part in the story, as well as the secrets of the small town of Wind Gap. You can read more of my thoughts on Sharp Objects here. 


I'm sharing four of my most recent reads that I think are perfect for cozying up with this fall!


A Simple FavorStephanie is a Mommy Blogger who is fully devoted to her son. Her husband and brother died a few years ago in a car accent and since then she has become Supermom. Emily is a stylish career woman who does PR for a huge fashion label in New York City. Emily is married to Sean, and the story is told from all three of their perspectives. Emily and Stephanie meet one day picking up their sons from school and become fast friends. They share deep secrets as their sons play. After being friends for a short time, Emily calls Stephanie and asks for a simple favor, for Stephanie to pick up Emily’s son, Nicky, from school. When Emily doesn’t pick up Nicky that night, Stephanie gets worried but thinks Emily may have just forgotten to ask if Nicky could spend the night, or maybe she had and Stephanie forgot. Eventually she realizes something is wrong and it is confirmed that Emily is missing. As time goes on, Stephanie begins to question if Emily is really gone. 

This book has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing throughout. With the three narrators, you also don’t completely know if any of them, are truthful. I really liked this book up until the ending. It seemed to end quite abruptly. I’ve heard the movie version ties things up a little better, but the book on its own is a bit lacking. 


Girl Wash Your Face: I joked with a friend recently that I felt like I was being haunted by Rachel Hollis before I picked up this book. I actually hadn’t heard of her until a few months ago, which is crazy because she’s pretty much the queen of lifestyle bloggers. I stumbled across a video about Rachel and the book and I thought it was really inspiring. Then I started seeing the book everywhere. I finally decided to grab the audible version, and I’m glad I did, because Rachel reads the book herself. I really enjoyed getting to hear her words coming directly from her. It made it feel very personal. Rachel discusses relationships and family, self-esteem, work and productivity, and everything in between. Rachel has been extremely successful with blogging and running her own event company, but has also faced many hardships in her life, and has a lot of experience to draw from. She starts each chapter with a lie she has told herself (and I’m sure many of us have also told ourselves) and proceeds to go through and completely dispute each lie. Whatever you’re going through right now, Rachel probably has something that can inspire you. 

If you haven’t tried audible yet, and I really do think it’s great, you can sign up for a free trial month and get two free books!


Have you read any of these books? Let me know if you plan on checking them out and if you have any other books you would recommend. 


I'm sharing four of my most recent reads that I think are perfect for cozying up with this fall!

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  1. 10.27.20
    paige said:

    oh my gosh wait i need to text you because i feel so unsure about a simple favor too.. even after seeing the movie! it’s a wierd one where i don’t know if the book is better than the movie or if they both need a little something added to them.. or if i am just being too critical haha. also sharp objects was soooo good. have you read her other book dark places?

    • 11.4.20
      Emily said:

      No I should look into that one. She also wrote Gone Girl, which I have but I sometimes have trouble reading books after I’ve seen the movie. It’s been a while since I watched the movie though so maybe I could get into it now.