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It’s my birthday! In honor of this, I thought I would share 31 things you might not know about me. Here we go!

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1. I actually am 31. Most people think I’m much younger (I usually get between 18 and early 20s) but I was born in the late 80s and can remember most of the 90s, so I can assure you it’s true.

2. Useless trivia is my forte. I’m pretty sure I’ve weirded out friends by spewing random information about a show, actor, or musician. And yes it’s all pop culture/entertainment related.
3. I’m obsessed with girly details like scallops, polka dots, and bows.
4. I’m also a fan of the seafood type of scallops.
5. I like ice cream, probably too much.
6. I’m a landlocked Midwesterner whose never seen the ocean, but I plan on changing that this year.
7. If you’ve ever seen the Big Bang Theory, I think I’m pretty much a less self-centered version of Sheldon, who also knows next to nothing about physics.
8. I’m a bit of a Francophile. I’ve always wanted to visit France and I’m fascinated by the culture and history. I also took French all throughout high school but I’m pretty terrible at it now.
9. I’ve always loved musicals. Wicked is my favorite.
10. Before I was old enough to wear makeup daily I used to “play” with it. Usually it resulted in a mess in the bathroom and on my face.
11. I went to a Jonas Brothers concert once. I was 20ish (?) and felt way too old to be there. It was fun though.
12. I’ve  known my two closest friends since high school.
13. 13 is my favorite number! Probably because it’s my birthdate.
It's my birthday! Because of this I'm sharing 31 random facts and things you probably didn't know about me! | Behind the blog
14. I watch more YouTube than actual shows.
15. I had a pet Dalmatian that I named Pinocchio. It was a girl dog and I was 3.
16. My favorite part of Walt Disney World is the World Showcase in Epcot.
17. Oh yeah, I really like Disney, but you probably already knew that. If I had to pick a favorite movie, I would say Wreck it Ralph. Kind of random but so good!
18. I’m an Aquarius which means I’m independent, intellectual, and a humanitarian but I also don’t like to show emotion. I don’t really buy into astrology but I feel like these traits are kind of true.
19. I’m one of those people who gets “I can’t believe you haven’t seen *insert movie title here* “ a lot. I tend to watch my favorite movies over and over and I can be a little picky about what new movies I’ll spend my time on.
20. I apparently go places twice. I’ve been to Chicago twice, Houston twice, and Disney World twice. I’m ready for round three of all.
21. Ethnically I’m a hodgepodge of several European nationalities, most of which is Italian and English. I really want to do a DNA test one day because I find it fascinating and I want more definitive answers.
22. On that note, I have a very English first and middle name and very Italian last name.
23. I have a somewhat irrational fear of getting a tattoo. It’s irrational because I’ve never really planned on getting one, but if I hear someone talking about the process, it freaks me out.
It's my birthday! Because of this I'm sharing 31 random facts and things you probably didn't know about me! | Behind the blog
24. I love Parks and Rec. I think the character development on that show is some of the best.
25. I actually really hated writing when I was younger. This started to change in college when I had to write tons of papers and felt like I improved my skills.
26. I remember thinking when I was younger that I would get married at 26. I just thought it seemed like a very “adult” age when I would have my life together. This makes me laugh now because I definitely didn’t get married and I still feel like I’m figuring out my life.
27. I really want a puppy. I can’t have pets where I live now but being able to have a small animal is going to be on my list for when I move (hopefully later this year).
28. I have really weird, vivid dreams.
29. I was born 2 years, minus a day after my parents got married.
30. For a millennial, I’m really not tech savvy. Blogging has been a bit of an endeavor at times, but overall I’m happy with what I’ve done.
31. I’m so happy that I decided to start this blog.
If you’ve made it through this list you are a champ! Coming up with 31 things was harder than I thought so I appreciate you reading this. And on that note, I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten with the blog so far. Anyway, thanks!
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It's my birthday! Because of this I'm sharing 31 random facts and things you probably didn't know about me! | Behind the blog
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  1. 2.13.19
    paige said:

    happy birthday!! hope this is your favorite year yet 🙂 x loved this post!

    • 2.14.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you so much!!

  2. 2.16.19
    Beth said:

    Happy Birthday and great post! Epcot is also my favorite park (although I love them all!)

    • 2.18.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you!

  3. 2.18.19

    I love these types of posts! It’s so interesting getting to know the bloggers behind the articles!

    • 2.18.19
      Emily said:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!