A 2022 reflection and thoughts on 2023

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To say I’m not sad to see 2022 go is an understatement. While it probably wasn’t the worst year of my life, it also was far from the best. Caught somewhere between pandemic life and some normalcy, I struggled with just trying to get back into living. I spent a lot of time at home, isolated, and not being able to get myself motivated to do much of anything. I went through a few bigger struggles that I don’t care to get into, but they did put some things in perspective. 

If you read that paragraph and thought that sounds like a depressed person, you would be right. 

I’ve not wanted to share much in the past about struggles because I never wanted the blog to be a downer, but it’s part of life, and it’s also why I struggled to create content over the past year. Blogging felt like a challenge and wasn’t enjoyable like it used to be.

But, I’ve done some work. I’m feeling good about starting 2023. I feel hopeful. I feel ready to make some changes.

I’m kind of over the idea of resolutions, but one thing I am really going to try to do more of in 2023 is spending time doing things that make me happy.

With all of this, I decided I wanted to shift my content slightly to something I really think I’ll have fun writing.  

Something that’s always popped into my head when I’ve thought about what I really wanted to do with the blog was “places and spaces”. By that I mean traveling to different places and decorating spaces. More specifically, I want to share cool places to visit with great decor, and how to bring that inspiration home. I want to share travel guides for my favorite cities. And I want to share how I’m decorating my own place on a small budget. 

It’s not a huge change to the overall content of the blog, but it’s one I’m really looking forward to, and one that I think will be helpful to you as readers. This blog is something I’ve poured a lot of myself into over the past few years, and I’m hoping to only make it better.

Thanks for being here, thanks for reading, and I hope you come back for new posts soon.

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