Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty Collection

Besame Sleeping Beauty Collection

Besame Cosmetics is a brand that’s been on my radar for a while, though I’ve yet to try it. I’d say I mainly know of them because of their collaborations with Disney. They previously released a Snow White anniversary collection, lipsticks for Mickey’s 90th birthday, and now a collection for the 60th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty. It’s funny that this would be the collection I would choose to buy from because I’ve actually never seen Sleeping Beauty.

Side note: I cannot wait for Disney + so I can rectify all of the Disney movies I haven’t seen!


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The main reason I really wanted to buy from this collection is simply that it’s beautiful. Both the products themselves and the packaging are absolutely gorgeous! The collection includes products for the whole face and extras like a lovely hand mirror. Another thing I think is really cool is that Beseme has included both Aurora and Maleficent products in its Sleeping Beauty line. It seems like when brands like Mac or Colourpop have done Disney collections they’ve kept the princesses and the villains separate. I like that within the same collection you can sort of channel good and evil.

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Besame Sleeping Beauty Collection


I ended up purchasing the Briar Rose Blush Palette and the Maleficent lipstick. I’ve tried out all of the blush and highlighter colors and they are all lovely. The only thing I would warn about is if you are fair skinned like me, a little goes a long way with the brighter pink blush.


Besame Blush Palette
Yes there are woodland creatures on the mirror.

The collection has three lipsticks. Sleeping Beauty Pink and Maleficent are actually based off the colors the animators used for Aurora and Maleficent. The other shade, “Make it Blue, Make it Pink” is blue in the tube and turns pink on your lips! So fun!

Maleficent Lipstick


Blush Highlighter Lipstick Swatches
I don’t claim to be a swatching expert, but from top to bottom: blush shades, highlighter shades, and Maleficent lipstick.

The products came with a little “newspaper” that shares about the movie and how to achieve Aurora and Maleficient’s looks.

I’ve been using the blush palette almost daily since I received it. I really love how the colors go on and they seem to wear well throughout the day. The lipstick is a little dark for everyday wear, so I haven’t gotten a ton of use out of it yet. It is a beautiful shade, feels really nice on the lips, and has a pleasant vanilla scent. 


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Have you ever tried Besame Cosmetics? Or have you tried any other Disney makeup collaborations?


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