2019 Goal Progress + October Monthly Goals

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If you followed my blog last year you might remember that I posted monthly goal setting and recap posts. This year I decided I was going to focus more on the big picture goals for the whole year and do periodic updates. 

This post is a combination. I’m first recapping my goals for the year and I’ve decided to set some just for October goals. 

2019 goal progress 

I’m going to keep my goal recap brief because there’s not a ton to say. To remind you, I set goals for getting healthier, traveling more, and becoming self employed. 

Healthy eating has been okay. I’d say I’m incorporating more healthy meals overall, but I still have a lot to work on. 

I haven’t traveled anywhere yet this year, but I have some stuff planned. I think most of you probably know I’m heading back to Disney and there’s some extra stuff included in that trip. 

I also have a day trip coming up very soon. I’ll probably be sharing all about here so look for that!

Finally, self employment. Still very much a work in progress. If you’re thinking of starting a blog or doing some other type of work online just know it won’t happen overnight. I knew this going in, but I still have to remind myself not to compare where I am with anyone else, especially people who have been blogging or owning their own business for several years. 

October goals


If you read Tuesday’s post then you already know I made the split second decision to blog everyday in October. Sometimes that’s how my brain works. I’m not always the best at holding myself accountable, so when I get an idea that I feel really determined about, I’ve just got to run with it. 

I actually planned to do Blogtober last year, but I was pretty wishy washy about it. I said I wanted to blog every weekday or at least have more posting days than not. With that very not strict plan you can probably guess how well it went. 

Given that I decided to do this on the morning of October 1st, I didn’t really have prewritten content. So far I’ve been writing the day of, and maybe brainstorming a bit for other posts. I’d like to get a little more ahead with things. 

Figure out a system for my email list

If you’re subscribed to my blog, then you know I’m not the best at emailing you. And maybe you’re like “but I get emails every time you post”. You signed up through my old WordPress form and those are automatic. But I have my own subscription list that I want to regularly email (it’s over on the sidebar).  

I’ve struggled with knowing what exactly to send. I don’t really want to just regurgitate a post and call it a day (not that doing that is wrong). I just always wanted my emails to be a little more… intimate? I don’t know but I want to figure it out. 

Have a great trip with my best friend

I mentioned above that I have a day trip coming up soon. I’m going somewhere with my best friend but for now I’m keeping the details a surprise. However, I’m sure I will instagram story at least some of the day so follow me over there if you want a sneak peak!

Do something fall-ish

Today is the first day that it’s somewhat felt like fall. The last three days were over 90 degrees! So in honor of the temps dropping some this month I’d like to do something traditionally fall. I don’t know if that will be apple or pumpkin picking or maybe just hiking once the leaves start to change, but I want to do something. 


Have you stuck to your 2019 goals? What do you want to accomplish in October? Let me know!


2019 progress and monthly goals

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